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Ubud, lunch at Bali Buda

Lunch at Bali Buda is great, it is the institution of the organic and healthy in Bali and Ubud. The restaurant is located in a small street close to Jalan Raya, the main road in Ubud, just behind the Bali Buda shop were you can find everything you need but in a healthy, quality version. Try the cookies « sablés » they are amazing !

The Bali Buda restaurant is very pleasant, the menu is long with a lot of choices, full breakfasts or smoothie bowls, main courses and sandwiches but also pizzas, pasta and really tasty desserts, special mention for the mango cheese-cake which is one of the best I’ve tried.

I also liked the choice of drinks and smoothies, with original combinations and rare products such as raw cocoa and pollen, but always good, as healthy cannot replace tasty, for sure they understood that at Bali Buda.

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