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Trip to Mollucas archipelago, Ambon Island

Indonesia is like a thousand countries in one, as it is so huge and various. So even when living in Bali, travelling to the Mollucas islands at less than 3h by plane was very exotic. This archipelago is composed of many different islands, with two main religions, Islam and Christianity. Preserved, unspoiled places from mass tourism, wild and sometimes desert, a real exotic trip with a little taste of adventure and unexpected !

Ambon island is the most developed island, with the airport and Kota Ambon, the big city. But around, there are some pretty paradisiac places, like Latuhalat, Liang and Natsepa, wild beaches, blue and green everywhere.

The first stop of our trip was to Latuhalat, seaside, around palters and rocks beaches.

Then we made a quick detour to Liang, at the North to admire the wonderful white sand beach, and then jumped on a boat to Saparua, the next destination.

We will spend two more days in Ambon before flying back home, enough time to discover the Natsepa beach, grab a rujak, green fruits salad with spicy peanut delicious sauce, and to walk in the market, which is a giant anthill right in the city center, like Chinatown on one side, with indoor tiny allies and outdoor, vegetables, spices, fish and meat stands.


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