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The village of Espelette and more food discoveries

The Pays Basque has so many different landscapes, that’s what I really liked, especially this lovely typical village, Espelette, where the famous chili comes from. You can see it hanging on all the windows after harvest.

Very touristic though, you can discover the basque culture and the nice red and green houses, buy some local products, like black cherry jam with which I plan to make a cake called gâteau basque, find the recipe soon here. I also bought Espelette chili mustard, tasty !


I saw a lot of good bakery in Espelette, my friend took me to one of them where we bought the best « gâteau basque », and it was really a treat, you can choose between custard or black cherry jam, both are delicious !



Have you heard of gâteau basque ? Which one is your favorite ?

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