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Tapas night at the Celta Pulperia, Barcelona

This is a very spontaneous post about a place I just discovered yesterday evening and I wanted to share, the Celta Pulperia in the Gotico.

tapas barcelona

When you arrive in Barcelona, one of the first things you want to do is finding the best tapas place, and there is plenty of choices! The best advice to find them is generally to avoid touristic areas, and we found some really delicious tapas in various bars. But, the tapas we had yesterday at the Celta Pulperia was above all others! Really authentic and simple bar, with good seafood tapas but also others, like tortilla or croquetas (OMG the chicken ones!!).

tapas barcelone

tapas barcelona

So if you are looking to try some delicious tapas in a very local atmosphere, just go to the Celta Pulperia in the Gotico. With my friend, we always order patatas bravas, calamari rings and croquetas (have to be more adventurous next time and try something new!) these are our favorite tapas and we can’t wait to come back to the Celta Pulperia for more!

Celta Pulperia

Carrer de la Princesa, 50 Barcelona 08003 / Carrer Simó Oller, 3 Barcelona 08002

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