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Sawai, a village above the sea on the island of Seram

Third step of your trip to Mollucas archipelago in Indonesia, the Seram island. After 2h of boat from Saparua, 2h of min-bus across the island, and more than 3h of taxi across the national park of Seram, on broken roads, we finally arrived in the village of Sawai.

So far, everything I saw during this trip felt exotic to me, but there, it was the most exotic place that I’ve ever seen.

Stilt houses like what you can see on TV reports travel channels, a tiny village in between land and sea, where you can see fishes and corals through the floor. This was a strange feeling, like walking on the water.

Our hotel is builded above the water too, offers an incredible view over the village and the bay.

The next morning, we went to explore the village, a lot of colors on houses, women bathing in a water basin, and fishermen getting their boats ready on the harbour.

Some houses are raising fishes under their houses, we saw the fishes while they were jumping everywhere to grab the food people were throwing at them. Time means something different here, it was very unusual and relaxing.

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