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Pear and chocolate pavlova

Pavlova is one of my favorite desserts, many of my friends know it 😀 As I often had the opportunity to eat some very good ones in restaurants, especially with exotic fruits, I never tried to do it myself. But I wanted to try the pear-chocolate combination that I like a lot with this dessert. Pavlova is different layers and textures, meringue, whipped cream, fresh fruits, and a topping. So I respected this process with a mini-meringue (that I bought because making a perfect white meringue is a difficult task, but feel free to try), I also replaced the traditional whipped cream with a cream cheese mousse, which is lighter and it was a nice surprise because it’s delicious. Light and sweet, this mousse is a perfect twist for the whipped cream. With fresh pears and hot melting chocolate as a topping, I served this pavlovas is jars for the visual twist, and they didn’t last long!

pear chocolate pavlova

Ingredients for 3 pavlovas:

  • 3 mini-meringues
  • 2 egg whites
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 150g of cream cheese
  • 3 ripe pears
  • 10 dark chocolate squares

pear chocolate pavlova


Make the cream cheese mousse:

Beat the egg whites, add the sugar and keep beating for a few seconds.

Mix together the vanilla powder (extracted from the bean) with the cream cheese and add it to the egg whites.

Put a small meringue in each jar, add the cream cheese mousse, until the 2/3 of the jar.

pear chocolate pavlova

pear chocolate pavlova

The fruits:

Peel the pears without cutting the top. Cut the 2/3 left of the fruits in small cubes and add the top of the pear on top of the jar with the cubes around.

pear chocolate pavlova

The chocolate:

In a boiling water bath, melt the chocolat and coat the pears with it.

Make some chocolate chunks and pour a few on top.

Serve quickly while the chocolate is still hot and melted.

pear chocolate pavlova

What do you think about this recipe ? Will you try it ?

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