Paris, Montorgueil

During summer, I spent a few days in Paris at one of my friend’s place, I wanted to see some «civilization » between two travels, go to some exhibitions and visit friends and family who live in Paris.


The city, I have to say now that i’s not really my thing anymore, I couldn’t picture myself living in Paris. But you can’t deny that this city is charming, especially the corners where I went chilling and of course all the good food that I quite enjoyed !

Paris is beloved city among foreign people, it carries myth, fantasies, dreams and a  romantic frenchie image. It’s almost impossible to walk in Asia without seing 10 girls with an Eiffel Tower on their shirt or an « I love Paris ».

So, I tried to visit Paris this time with new eyes, unused to its speed and looking for the magic which actually were there in the smallest details around the corner.

Montorgueil street

A very poetic and energetic neighborhood, with the ancient shopwindows, this huge street that bring you to another time. Before urging to Montorgueil street, I stopped in front of the St Eustache church which is amazing, before running to the pastry shop of Christophe Adam, a famous chef, and his store L’Eclair de Génie, where all kinds of eclairs (kind of cream puffs) are sold. I bought a strawberry eclair and it was delicious. I couldn’t go without taking a picture of the floor, nice cement tiles that I like so much.





In the evening, we had diner in the neighborhood Les Batignolles where I stayed in my friend’s apartment, we had something I never tried before, a pizza with truffles, such a treat,  I wish I had more.


Which neighborhood do you like the most in Paris ? Did you already tried Christophe Adam’s eclairs ?

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