My playlist #1

Music is part of the life of people in general, I have my times with and without, but she generally doesn’t go very far away.


I always have my phone full and ready to sustain any musical will of the moment, with many various playlists !


My tastes in music are very large, I guess it’s because I always liked to go to concerts, and I was lucky enough to live for quite long time in Lyon, a city with a lot of concert options. I also have to say that I have always been with people in touch with music, and I’ve also hanged around concerts’ backstage quite a lot, as I was the manager of a rock band for a few years and also a member of an association organizing live music in apartments. It was an amazing time where I met a lot of people and I discovered a lot about music and art, great time !


Today, I like to listen to music with my headphones, when I’am walking, when I am in a train also, my tastes are as various as hip-hop to zen music, very personal transition I know.


For this feel good playlist, I put songs I liked now and songs I’ve liked for a long time, a combination that makes me feel good.


To finish with music, I think it’s nice to try to define yourself through the prism of music, so here is a Chinese musical portrait to go with this playlist !

* Chinese musical portrait *

If I was a song : I will wait, Mumford & Sons

If I was the music of a movie : Harry Potter’s music, I love all the songs !

If I was a band from the 90’s : the Spice Girls of course !

If I was a concert : the live of Bon Iver in the festival Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon, it was magic.

If I was a french song : from Serge Gainsbourg, le poinçonneur des Lilas

If I was music video : any video from Woodkid

If I was a singer from Woodstock : Janis Joplin

If I was a rock band : Artic Monkeys

If I was a concert place : The Transbordeur in Lyon, for all the good time I spend there with good music

Which are your favorite moments to listen to music ? What is you favorite song ?

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When I am not blogging or travelling, I am a freelance graphic designer + writing & communication consultant, unless I am doing all of this at the same time! Thanks for reading me and don't forget to leave a comment ! <3

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