My 10 favorite Instagram accounts

If Instagram was a place, I would be a piece of furniture according to the time I spend there. Scroll, scroll and scroll again to dream watching the pics of my feed, like and like again and when I have good pictures, fill my gallery.

Here are the accounts I like the most, I check them directly from their gallery, which is for any valuable Instagramer, a undeniable sign of faithfulness on Instagram ! So, on my feed, mostly travels accounts, lifestyle, food and pastry, some healthy accounts too and some gourmand other, and a lot about Bali and Indonesia, like restaurants, shops, bloggers…Definitely a tropical vibe on my Insta feed !

Natacha Birds


We Are Travel Girls


Gu Guide Bali

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Nothing like a tree pose at sunset at The Loop Pool Bar, amirite? Or is it maybe a cocktail and a swim that you fancy? A sun bake sesh with snacks on hand? ☀️🍸🍹🍓 Congrats to these five lucky winners, who can do whatever they want with their 200k voucher: @jmartinezpaz @kimba_112 @expat_family_life_in_bali @fabulous_fem @alfin_folk Congrats guys! We'll be DM'ing you shortly! 🎊 To the rest of you, stay tuned for our next weeks contest! Don't want to give up too much but… any chocolate lovers out there? 😉 📸 @stella.yaparlin 📍 @theannavilla @looppoolbar – Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong 👉🏽 #GuGuide! #baliblog #blog #cangguguide #canggulife #canggupools #cangguvilla #theannavilla #looppoolbar #batubolong #canggu #bali

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Elvy Hunter


Hanalei Reponty

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Water Baby 💎

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A Bikini A Day


The Feedfeed

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Spiced Pumpkin #Cake layered w/ Vanilla Pastry Cream & Caramelized White Chocolate Buttercream make up this irresistible Pumpkin Creme Brûlée Cake by @stylesweetca. 👉Get the #recipe & 50+ of our fav #Pumpkin Spice #recipes from on our website (link in profile) or to see all of the recipes posted on this account in sequential order go to 🌟Remember to share your cooking, baking, and drink making pics and videos by tagging "#feedfeed @thefeedfeed" for a chance to be featured here and on our site! 💻Explore our website <> for more inspiration/recipes on what to #cook #bake and #drink from the feedfeed community. . . . #foodpics #foodphotography #instafood #igfood #cooking #homemade #recipeoftheday #dessert

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Yoga Teacher


Smoothie Bowl Recipes

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Tropical Kiwifruit Bowls for today by @linasaber. See now, Mondays aren't always that bad! 😊😍💕😋 . "The Recipe: For the base: – 3 frozen bananas – 3 peeled kiwi fruits – 1 Tbsp. Wheatgrass powder – 1 Tbsp. of whole coconut milk Shred the frozen bananas first, then blend in a food processor with the wheatgrass, kiwifruit and coconut milk. For the Toppings: – Dried kiwifruit chips – Almond butter – Homemade Rawnola (blended 1/2 cup dates, 1/4 cup of coconut shreds, 1tbsp maple syrup and handful of almonds), – Coconut shreds – Kiwifruit (melon balled) – 1 mini scoop of homemade coconut nicecream" . #smoothiebowl #smoothiebowlrecipe #healthy #cleaneating #wholefoods #bbg #thekaylamovement #eeeeeats #buzzfeedfood #feedfeed #foodforthought #glutenfree #bgbcommunity #hclf #fruit #breakfast #smoothie #smoothiebowls

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National Geographic


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Which are you favorite Instagram accounts ?

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