DESTINATIONS Indonesia Moluccas achipelago

Mollucas archipelago, Saparua the desert island

The second island of our trip was a great surprise, totally unplanned, as before climbing in the boat going there we didn’t know that this island even existed.

We had planned after Ambon to go to the Banda islands, snorkeling paradise but we never know, as right after we sat on the boat there was an announcement saying that it was cancelled. So, randomly, we jumped in another boat to Saparua.

This 190m2 island is really lost int he ocean, and it was wonderful. After having crossed the island by taxi, we ended up on a hidden beach in the middle of nowhere and in a guesthouse looking like paradise on earth.

Small bungalows on the beach, and a bamboo cabin where we had meals, as there was nothing around, the prices of the rooms included the meals. And no internet. No connexion, and it was so relaxing.

Daily schedule, yoga and meditation on the beach, snorkelling in crystal waters, and afternoon naps in the hammock, perfection in a peaceful place.

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