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Kulur, a doll village on the island of Saparua, Mollucas archipelago

Still on the Saparua island, this little paradise preserved from almost everything, we crossed a small village, after having walked one hour from our guesthouse. Between the two, green, silence and fresh air from the sea.

The village of Kulur is composed of a few colorful houses, like dolls houses, everything look fragile, timeless and so quiet.

Children playing in the front of houses, goats everywhere and on the seafront, a bunch of strange seashells, we did not get what they were doing with that.

Outside the village, we were taken by the people of the village to a cave of fresh water, where women wash their laundry, children come to bathe and play in the water. The cool air there due to the darkness from under earth was much appreciated after the long walk under the hot hot sun.

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