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Japanese afternoon in Barcelona, at Usagui

Last weekend, I discovered a cute place, well hidden in a small street of Gracia, it’s the Japanese tearoom, Usagui. I never tried real japanese cakes before, except from mochis and dorayakis that I love, but I buy them in grocery stores, and the quality at Usagui is really not the same.

A Japanese tea-time, just like if we were there

I chose a matcha latte, which was really good, I usually only like iced-matcha latte. I also tried the Mont Blanc cake, a traditional cake I was very surprised to see here, as chestnut cream is also a french speciality. Then, I had a strawberry mochi which tasted really delicious, the filling was like ice-cream yoghurt.


The decoration is almost as sweet as the cakes

There’s so many tiny details to look at in the tearoom, from the nice cake labels on the counter, to the lovely wood tray where they bring you your cake and tea, so well presented with beautiful china. I couldn’t resist to this little pink cup (you can buy some artcraft there), normally used as a sticks holder, but I will use it to put some small jewelry on it.

So, when are we going back?

I am already thinking about the cake I will order next time, and training myself to resist to the temptation of buying everything in the place! If you want to travel to Japan, a tea-time at Usagui might give you a foretaste to feel like you are already there! Thanks to my friend Hello-Dit.Com for bringing me to Usagui!


Usagui, té japones & café

calle santjoanistes,28
08006 Barcelone

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