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In and Outs of my beauty bag – to less products

A year ago, I started reducing the amount of daily products in my beauty bag, also I wanted to replace them with natural alternatives. Keeping out of my bathroom all chemical products hasn’t been easy, but after a year, I have the feeling that I took a huge step forward. Not only I trust natural, raw products more, but they are also less expensive and much moe efficient for sure.

produits cosmétiques naturels

Because, I think that if you take a hair conditioner with coconut oil extracts and pure coconut oil to put in your hair, it’s obvious that the pure product contains more of the active and efficient stuff we want in our hair than the chemical one, which also contains nasties as parabens and much more things that we don’t need. We are now aware of all the damages these chemicals can do to our bodies and hormonal balance. So, to be sure that my beauty products are actually doing some good to me and not ruining my health, here are the products I got rid of, and the ones I welcomed in my beauty bag!



  • Fluor toothpaste
  • Antiperspirant
  • Shower gel
  • Body scrub
  • Make-up remover
  • Shampoo
  • Body lotion
  • After sun lotion


produits cosmétiques naturels

  • Organic toothpaste with clay

    Clay is super efficient to clean your mouth and teeth, it removes the bacterias. You can find toothpastes with essential oils like mint, lemon or sage to keep the usual fresh taste of toothpaste.

  • Alum stone deodorant

    It’s hard to find a good natural deodorant. Last year, I made my own deodorant balm, with shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil and baking soda. But after a few months, it wasn’t efficient anymore and my skin was irritated. I found out that it was a common thing with baking soda, amazing at the beginning and disappointing afterwards.  

    So I choose a alum stone deodorant which really suits me, it’s also really convenient to carry as it doesn’t contain any liquid and the crystal lasts for a really long time.

  • Natural soap (Alep or Marseille soap)

    I started using natural, palm oil-free soap instead of shower gel a year ago, and I quickly noticed the difference on my skin. It was less dry. Using a natural and quality soap is good for your skin but also it’s much more ecological as they don’t put so much chemicals into water.  

  • Sugar an coconut oil scrub

    Really easy and cheap, there is nothing better as good old sugar powder and coconut oil to scrub your cheeks and legs perfectly!

  • Home-made lotion with rose floral water + aloe vera native gel + coconut oil

    Why buying a make-up remover lotion with weird stuffs inside when oil is the best thing to use on your face to get rid of make-up, even waterproof ? I make this lotion myself, and I use it morning and evening. I use also coconut oil for my face and body, instead of moisturizing cream, my skin is much healthier since.

  • Solid shampoo

    This is the last thing in natural cosmetic that I tried. As hard to find as a good natural deodorant, chemicals-free shampoo is complicated to find. I tried solid shampoo from Secrets de Provence, with clay. It looks like a soap donut, you just have to rub it on your head to make it froth. I adopted this shampoo and I use it twice a week, as it’s important not to wash your hair too often to keep it strong.

produits cosmétiques naturels

  • Aloe vera native gel

    I discovered it in New Caledonia, to heal my sunburnt skin. I went there with a huge aftersun lotion tube, and I brought it back home untouched.  I use aloe vera gel all the time since, it’s just perfect to heal and moisturize your skin, as well as being very fresh and cool on it. You can also use it on your hair, as in this home-made hair conditioner .   

After one year of using natural, non chemical products, I can tell you that I saved a lot of money and I produced way less waste than before, with all the bottles and plastic tubes that I used to buy. Being travelling often, I also saved space and weight in my beauty bag, using one product for several uses (like the coconut oil and aloe vera). Using solid instead of liquid products is also very handy, no more risk to find it spread all over in your suitcase!


produits cosmétiques naturels

If you like to make your cosmetics by yourself, check my Beauty DIY recipes here!

Do you use natural products in your beauty bag ?

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