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Home-made granola

During my week in the Pays-Basque, I stayed at my friend’s Laura, and I was often impatient to have breakfast. Why ? Because I had the most delicious home-made granola ever, and I directly asked for the recipe.

This recipe, my friend got it from her Swedish boyfriend’s family, so this is a travelling recipe I guess. And now, I bring it everywhere I go, because I got used to make it for breakfast all the time. I have it with vegetal milk or soy yogurt.

home-made granola

I wanted to try the very best of the « healthy trend » by making a chia pudding, which is pouring chia seeds in vegetal milk for one night and then add some granola before eating. But honestly, I did not like it. It was too heavy and gelatinous for me, so I guess trends are not good to follow all the time right ?

So here is the recipe of the granola, proportions must no be followed too strictly, as you may put the seeds you like. I like to add a pic of cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa, so up to you to make your own favorite granola !

  • Equipment : 

– blender

– oven

  • Ingredients to fill a jar of jam :

– 1 table spoon of honey

– 1 TB of coconut oil

– 4 TB of oat flakes

– 2 TB of hazelnuts

– 2 TB of almonds

– 2 TB of linseeds

– 2 TB of sun-flower seeds

– 2 TB of sesame seeds

– 1 TB of chia seeds

– 1 pinch of cinnamon

home-made granola

Smash roughly the hazelnuts ans almonds, pour into a bowl.

home-made granola

Add the other seeds and the pinch of cinnamon, mix together.

Pour the coconut oil and honey while mixing with a spoon.

home-made granola

Spread on a plate which can go in the oven, covered with a baking sheet.

home-made granola

Bake for 20 minutes.

Let the granola cool completely, it’s still soft but will become crunchy once cold, and then break it into more or less small pieces.

Keep in a glass jar.

Do you like this recipe ? What do you usually take for breakfast ?

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