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Food discovery: arepas

Today I wanted to talk about a food discovery that I made here in Barcelona, the arepas.

arepas barcelona

If you don’t know what it is, arepas come from Venezuela and Colombia, you can find it in Barcelona because of the big South-American community living here. I’ve never heard about arepas before, they are like fried corn bread, crispy and with a soft heart.

They are generally filled as sandwiches, one the of most famous recipe is the Reina Pepiada, an avocado-chicken mix.

I discovered the arepas at one of my favorite place for brunch here, Tropico. They do brunch with a latin-american twist, I tried their arepas with scrambled eggs and vegetables inside, really good.

arepas barcelona

arepas barcelona

Already fond of arepas, I had to find a different place to try more of them. I found a small authentic venezuelian restaurant, El Rincon de la Abuela Venezolana, it’s close by the Sagrada Familia.

arepas barcelona

arepas barcelona

I tried their Reina Pepiada arepas, the one with chicken and avocado and I loved it. There’s a lot of different recipes and I can’t wait to try more!

arepas barcelona

arepas barcelonaarepas barcelonaarepas barcelona

Places in Barcelona to try arepas:

Tropico, Carrer del Marquès de Barbera, 24, Barcelona

El Rincon de la Abuela Venezolana, Carrer de Mallorca, 470, Barcelona


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