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February wallpaper

Can we pretend like there’s only one tiny month of winter to go? And lucky us, this month is really a tiny one, as February is only 28 days this year. I don’t know if I am the only one waiting so hard for spring and of course summer, but I can’t wait because of the great projects that are coming, and especially this trip to Morroco and some other adventures around Spain that I am really impatient to take! So, in the meantime, here is a wallpaper to make spring comes faster, with mimosa, a winter flower but with a summer look, right? Because of its bright yellow color and heaven smell <3


Which wallpaper should I choose ?

Choose the size that you need for your computer screen, 1280×800 or 2560×1440 and phone screen, iPhone 6+7+, 6/7 or 5. If you don’t have an iPhone, one of these should fit your screen anyway, you can compare the screen resolution of your phone with the iPhones’ and then download the closest.

How to download the wallpapers ?

To download a wallpaper, click on the right size, save the image on your computer or phone, an then choose it as a wallpaper (choose the locked screen for iPhone).

You can also send to yourself the wallpaper over email if you download the one for your phone on your computer for example, so to get it back in your mail box on your phone.






iPhone 7+ & 6+

iPhone 7 & 6

iPhone 5

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