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Chocolate and matcha cake

What about starting this week in a sweet way ? With this chocolate and matcha tea cake, soft and tasty, yum yum!

  • Ingredients :

– 4 eggs

– 140g of sugar

– 140g of flour

– 140g of salted butter

– 70g of dark chocolate

– 4 teaspoon of matcha tea

  • Instructions : 

Heat the oven at 180°.

Separate the yolks and white of the eggs.

Put the yolks in a bowl and the whites in another bowl.

Mix together the sugar with the yolks, whip until it’s white.

Add the flour, mix together.

Split the dough in two halves.

Melt the butter, and pour half of the melted butter in a bowl, keep for later.

Add the chocolate with butter in a bain-marie heating.  Low the heat and mix together to melt the chocolate. Pour in two bowls with the dough, mix together.

Pour the melted butter on the other half of the dough and add the matcha tea, mix together.

Whip the white eggs, pour half of it in each bowl of dough. Mix with a spoon gently.

In a cake mold, pour  half of the chocolat dough and then half of the matcha dough, then do it again.

Bring into the oven for 45  min at 170°.

Do you like this recipe ? Would you try it ? 

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