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Chiang Mai, a festival in the mountains

A summer night we could say, except that in Thailand it’s almost winter, with 28° around. So, on an almost summer night, after one hour driving on the Mae Rim valley, around Chiang Mai, we were supposed to go to a bar and see a concert.

Wrong information, but what a surprise when we ended in what was an actual festival in a forest at Lhong Pa, with a bunch of street food shops, 3 bands and a lot of people, in a peaceful atmosphere, as it’s always in Thailand.

A great night, I discovered the singer Rasmee, coming from Isan, East of Thailand with a common border with Laos, she sings in different languages and origins, it was really beautiful.

We took a room nearby, so we did not have to drive back home, we found it in the dark, total random, and great surprise in the morning, the garden and the view were amazing !

To listen to Rasmee, click here!

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