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    February wallpaper

    Can we pretend like there’s only one tiny month of winter to go? And lucky us, this month is really a tiny one, as February…

  • wallpaper_decembre_noel

    December wallpaper

    Christmas is coming!! It’s almost time to open those Advent Calendars that we are waiting on!! Mine is from my favorite tea brand, so I…

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    November wallpaper

    This is the November wallpaper, with little lucky-charms from Mexico, because here in Barcelona, south-american cultures are very visible, and I am discovering them in…

  • Wallpapers

    October wallpaper

    So to me this year, October goes with Barcelona! I moved there in Spain a few days ago, so to stay a little while, in…

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    September wallpaper

    What do you mean you did not receive your Hogwarts letter yet ? However, it’s definitely time for school or work ! So, while waiting for…

  • wallpaper iphone

    August wallpaper

    This month’s wallpaper has blue seashells on it, just because it’s holidays time! <3 Which wallpaper should I choose ? Choose the size that you…

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    July wallpaper

    After the succulents and plants on the June wallpaper, this is my other new passion, crystals and magic stones <3 I have a small collection…

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    June wallpaper

    Summer is coming, June is officially the beginning of this so much expected summer. So here is a nice pre-summer wallpaper, with an illustrated version…

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    May wallpaper

    A new part just appear on the blog, a part to make a link between two of my activities, graphic design and blogging, it’s the…