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Biarritz, the town center and harbour

Biarritz is an amazing city, where I had the chance to spend a week this summer. The town center, all in hills and beaches, has many various landscapes. In a one-day exploration session of the city, I tried to catch some of them.

By going along the coast « Côte des Basques » which leads to the center, I was amazed by the incredible view on the ocean and the town.

blog voyage biarritz


the rock of the Holy Virgin



This tiny beach in the middle of the town center is really nice, it’s called the beach of « Port Vieux » where some clever people swim all year even in winter, they are called the polar bears.


After chilling at the beach, let’s go to the small harbour, where I saw this funny traditional houses, they mostly belong to fishermen and are like an independant structure.



Have you already been to Biarritz ? What did you like the most ?

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