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Bali, Ubud, the ricefields from Sari Organik

If you are following me on Instagram, you already know I am in Bali since a few weeks now, but I needed time to finish writing all the articles about my previous trip to Thailand, that explains the time and space gap.

So, here I am in my favorite island, for the fifth time, with a first stop to Ubud, and I hope, many others and for a long time.

In Ubud, most of the time, you just need to take one small road to find yourself surrounded by ricefields when two minutes ago you were on Jalan Raya, the main street, which is crowded with tourists and motorbikes.

In Tjampuhan, there is one single path crossing the ricefields to be in a quiet and green atmosphere. On the way, you come accros some chickens, ducks, homestays and yoga centers and, ok all right, also some motorbikes that will ruin a little bit the silence.

At the end of this path, there is the Sari Organik restaurant, the small organic vegetable garden before climbing some steps to reach the huge bamboo balé and a stunning view on the paddies and mountains. I finally got to drink a real delicious mango juice, no ice, not too much water and a delicious mango taste !

They also have a small cosmetics corner, with the products of the brand Nadis Herbal, natural products made in Bali with local herbs and plants.

That was perfect because I was looking for a natural shampoo and a soap without palm oil, to change a little from my Alep soap. I really like this brand, the fragrance are light and natural, they also make herbal teas, healing balms, plant powders, etc.

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