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I am Audrey, a french 28yo, I found out that I was a travel-addict when I travelled to New-Caledonia in 2013, but also since I decided to do my graphic designer and branding specialist job as a freelancer. Now I’ve created my own remote branding agency and the appropriate word for this lifestyle is Digital Nomading, so I travel where I want and with on own pace, with my laptop and camera.

I lived for several months in Bali, I visited Thailand, spent time at home in the South of France, where I learned to discover this lovely area again, and I am now about to leave Barcelona where I spent a few months, before heading towards new adventures (and more palmtrees!).


This blog has changed quite a lot since I created it in 2016, I have now decided to create Travel and City-guides from my explorations around the world.


Mostly designed for my fellow Frenchies (or you if you do speak French!), you can download them for free. I gather my favorite spots (restaurants, photo spots, activities, experiences…) in these pdf guides. I also design an illustrated map of the destination as a cover of the guide, and you have access to my Google maps with all the adresses of the guide, that I use to travel.

Follow me also on InstagramPinterestFacebook and Twitter and see you very soon for some more travel adventures and food discoveries!