A spring and summer Hygge

Since quite a while now, I’ve heard about this trend coming from Denmark, which blogs and magazines are really enthusiastic about, this is the Hygge. Behind this weird word, a real danish lifestyle is hiding, and it’s about well-being and getting comfy. First, I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then it finally got me and now I find Hygge amazing. So I am talking about this here today because I think Hygge is matching the blog identity and topics with a scandinavian touch that I also appreciate.

Apart from the blogs articles, I am presently reading « the book of Hygge » from Meik Wiking, the president of the Institute of researches about happiness in Copenhague, because yes, Danish people is this kind of people who has an Institute of researches about happiness, that’s a thing! This book is really interesting, very documented and it’s not only a few tips for home decoration or cooking recipes, we also learn about danish culture and quest for a comfy and happy lifestyle.


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Before starting, I am sharing my Hygge playlist, after having read this article, you may want to make your own but in the mid-time, here is mine <3

What is Hygge ?

The Hygge (it seems that you should pronounce HOO-GA) is a panel of ideas to make you feel comfortable and create a safe, warm and happy atmosphere at home or outside by doing certain activities mostly in the nature.

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What’s great about this lifestyle is to adapt to anyone’s life, no need to move in a wood cabin in the wild forest or to buy anything (except maybe candles), it’s about simplicity, small daily pleasures and quality sharing time with friends and family.

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Cocooning from the Winter countries

Higgle is about comfort and cocooning. Coming from Denmark, this lifestyle is matching the scandinavian way of thinking, togetherness, family and creating a warm home.

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Hygge is mostly about winter and how to getting warm and create a comfortable home with blankets, candles, fire places and hot cups of tea. You just have to google Hygge to see that it’s all about winter and getting warm when it’s snowing and dark outside.

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A spring/summer Hygge

So should we just forget about Hygge until the next snow flakes ? I say no, because the weather in our countries might not be the same as in Scandinavia, but the good news is that Hygge can be adapted to all seasons, by keeping the concept : going back to simple activities, close to nature and people, without having to buy anything and by enjoying the present time.

source : - Rusticretrofurniture

source : – Rusticretrofurniture

So I made a list of ideas of a spring and summer Hygge things to do, either you are living in the city or in the countryside, you can pick some of these ideas, you just have to get comfortable, be a little creative, and maybe forget a bit about your electronics !

Here is my Spring and Summer Hygge TODO list :

☆ Gardening on your balcony, garden, or shared-garden ☆

☆ Make home-made jams ☆

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☆ Cook a big dish and freeze one person portions for later ☆

☆ Pick up fresh green grass or wild vegetables ☆

☆ Walk in the forest, at the beach, or in a park ☆

☆ Light a fire (in your fireplace or in an appropriate place) and watch it burn, the light from it is really relaxing ☆

☆ Read outside enjoying the sun ☆

☆ Make cakes or biscuits ☆

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☆ Invite people for diner but cook all together before ☆

☆ Make fruit or flower sirup ☆

☆ Knit, weave or make embroidery ☆

☆ Make clay candle holders ☆

☆ Make soy or beeswax candles ☆

☆ Organize a picnic with homemade snacks and sandwiches ☆

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source :

☆ Make lemonade ☆

☆ Create a Hygge playlist with relaxing songs that you like ☆

☆ Make some outside decorations with wood, string, leaves… ☆

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Did you know about Hygge ? What will you do during the weekends this spring ?

For more Hygge inspo images, check my Pinterest board Trend Hygge <3

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