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A day around Tanah Lot and Pererenan

Tanah Lot, in the South-West of Bali is well-known for the temple above the sea, to where all the tourists in the world are coming. The road from Canggu to go there is wonderful, it’s crossing the village of Pererenan, with ricefields everywhere. Nice ride, and this part of Bali really deserves at least a full day spent there, because there is more to see that just the temple.

I will put together in this article the places I like the most around Tanah Lot, that you can visit in one day, a nice day outside, with fresh air and a quiet atmosphere.

  • Tanah Lot temple

The temple is built on a rock above the sea, so you can visit it when it’s low tide. Despite all the tourists, easily skipped if you go in the early morning, there is a very specific atmosphere here, witnessing the powerful mysticism of this temple. It’s a very important place for the Hindu religion in Bali, it’s the temple dedicated to the Sea Gods. There is a legend saying that a giant sea snake is protecting the temple, one more reason not to jump in the water around this sacred place , as it would be really inappropriate.

  • Warung El Passo

This Warung is on the Jl. By Pass Tanah Lot, in Pererenan, all surrounded by ricefields, a peaceful place. I really like the menu, a lot of choice for breakfast and a large variety of main courses, all fresh and colorful. I specifically like the Udang Bumbu Bali, shrimps in a balinese spicy sauce, really delicious. I could stay here in the garden staring at the ricefields for hours, no need to do more with such a view.

Udang Bumbu Bali

Udang Bumbu Bali

  • Pererenan ricefields

This same road has many smaller lanes, in the middle of ricefields and cows, sometimes ending up on the sea side. You could spend all the afternoon driving around here, getting lost, wandering as it’s so pretty. You may find some hidden lost temples as well. There is also plenty of art craft workshops on the main road, wood, metal… where you can shop furniture and decoration items, cheaper than in shops.

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