30 things to do in 2017

The beginning of the year is a time for good resolutions, often taken with a lot of ambition but quickly given up, because it’s more difficult that it sounded. So, instead of speaking of good but hard and boring resolutions, here is a list of ideas of things to do try, experiment or tame this year, if you feel like to and whenever you feel like to. This list applies for me with more general ideas or adaptable to you and your lifestyle. So, what do you want to try this year ?

– Finish reading the Harry Potter books, I’ve already read the four first books.


– Visit a new country, either Japan, India, Australia or Laos.

– Learn how to use stones and crystals for their healing benefits

– Start a creative project (news coming soon !)

– Practice yoga everyday

– Start meditation everyday

– Watch all Miyazaki’s movies


– Read and learn about another culture, for me that would be balinese and indonesian culture

– Cook a new meal every week

– Falling asleep while listing mentally the three best moments of the day

– Learn a new language, for me that would be keep learning bahasa Indonesia

– Choose a color theme for my Instagram feed

– Climbing a volcano, Mount Batur in Bali for me

– Replace all cosmetic products by natural ones, I plan to make an article about that soon

– Eat organic more often

– Cultivate kindness towards more people, even strangers

– Buy more art craft products, hand made or second hand instead of industrial products form big brands (clothes, jewelry, usual products…)

– During a limited time (1 week, 1 month, 1 day) set a photo challenge, for exemple take a photo of all the mailboxes you see, all the forgotten objects, all the blue color you can see…

– Think twice before saying bad things about someone else

– Give your time for a humanitarian, ecological purpose, for example, go to a beach clean-up, help in an association…

– Send a postcard to someone, no one is doing it anymore but it feel so good to receive one

– Doing again something you used to like doing (knitting, exercice, cooking, embroidery…)

– Make homemade cakes

– Walk, on the beach, in the forest, in town, enjoy the benefits of walking

– Start watching a new serie, for me it’s going to be Peaky Blinders, I just started and I can’t wait to watch again !


– Eat Japanese more often, but not only sushi ! Because it’s so good, so healthy and we don’t know enough about Japanese food apart from sushi.

– Read books about Reiki, to understand the bases

– Live outside as more as possible, for me it’s quite easy in Bali, but it feel so good to be outside even when it’s cold.

– Buy less, consume less in general

– Create a cooking recipe

What about you, what do you want to do this year ? Continue this list in the comments below !

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When I am not blogging or travelling, I am a freelance graphic designer + writing & communication consultant, unless I am doing all of this at the same time! Thanks for reading me and don't forget to leave a comment ! <3

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