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3 of my favorite places for brunch in Barcelona

Going for brunch is something you can do almost anywhere in the world, as it has become really popular among a lot of us! Lots of places have a brunch menu or even made a whole concept around brunching. Barcelona is no exception, with so many places to go for brunch, I already tried a few (how hard is my life, right!) and here are my favorite ones, for a really good brunch.

El Arbol, for a healthy brunch

brunch barcelone

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El Arbol is a place I discovered thanks to Hello-dit, as many other address indeed, this one is around Universitat.

Here, you will have a choice of toasts, Benedict eggs, green juices and the cake corner is more than appealing! The decoration is all green and nice and it’s really cosy. Perfect place to hang out in the weekend and enjoy a healthy brunch.

Think Sweet, for a snack-brunch

Another place I discovered recently for brunching is Think Sweet. This tiny restaurant offers tasty sandwiches, brunch specialities like eggs and bacon but also pieces of cakes, salads, waffles and juices. I tried their pulled pork special sandwich which was really delicious and their cheese-cake with blueberries, also amazing.

Think Sweet is around the Diagonal avenue in the Eixample.


Casa do Acai, the tropical brunch

brunch barcelone

Last discovery, Casa do Acai, in the Sants area, which is not a neighbourhood I am used to go to, but I will definitely go back for this place. They opened very recently, and you can have classic brunch dishes with a tropical twist. Avocado toasts, quinoa salads, acai bowls and fresh juices. For a colorful and energetic brunch, this is the right place! Special mention for the lovely decoration and the hanging chair in the room on the first floor.

brunch barcelone

brunch barcelone

brunch barcelone


 Bonus address : Trópico in the Raval, which is also one of my favorite place for brunch in Barcelona, but I already wrote an article about them that you can read again here.

I leave you now with this little pic taken last weekend, this is the Casa Batllo, all covered with roses, because it was San Jordi, the Catalan equivalent of Valentine’s day. And as the Catalan don’t do anything small (especially when it’s about celebrating!) the famous Casa Gaudi was decorated with flowers, nice, isn’t it?

brunch barcelone

brunch barcelone

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